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About me


Md Sazzad Hossain



(+88) 01675716053

Date of birth:

6th December


32 North Golapbug , Dhaka , Bangladesh



I have more than 4 years of experience in the field of Web Developing. As a web developing strategist, I've hands-on experience in Web Designing & development / Graphic design / Multimedia design / Digital media development / Interactive computing and also specialized in any web & graphic designing tools and also in other necessary tools. This experience includes working freelance and in-house to brainstorm fresh design strategies with potential and existing clients to align business goals with customer needs.

Creative Solution Provider as a Freelance Web Development and a Dedicated, Team worker to Induce the Creative Juice among the colleagues with a View to deliver the Best and New in the business.

What i can do better



Front-End Development

As a front-end developer I am supposed to deal with graphics design and front-end code. The challenge which I associated with front-end development is that the tools and techniques used to create the front end of a website.

Backend Development

Considering myself as a backend developer I not only understand programming languages and databases, but also have an understanding of server architecture as well which change constantly.

WordPress Development

Being an expert of wordpress development I use HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript to build dynamic wordpress sites and to build a responsive wordpress site that looks great on all devices.

E-commerce Development

Building configuring, and managing an e-commerce site an ecommerce website for business or services is the most challenging project as a web developer and i have got a high rank on that very field of work.

My Work Experience



Experience :


May 2017 to Present

Web Developer

My interest in web developing began while I was doing my diploma in Computer Technology as a web developer for almost three years in online I have got well experienced technique in this field of work. However, I am quite enough to provide my best quality service on web development because I am well-trained and got a strong command in this area and now I am working with a prominent media job site as a developer.

Expert IT Solution

Feb 2015 - Present

Web Designer & Developer

Being part of Expert IT Solution as a wordpress developer it is always a matter of pleasure. I am working with this very company from starting and it is really worthy as I have learned so many things and done so many projects successfuly which is very much professional to me always.

Claropath Technology

2014 - 2015

Front-End Development

It's been a wonderful journey with Claropath Technology and got vast experience in the field of my job career and it's really amazing working with such company, it will always be a memorable moment.

Education :

Asian University Of Bangladesh

2016 to present

Computer Science & Engineering

My bachelor educational Experiences at the Asian University of Bangladesh in Savar is worthy and is currently doing my graduation on Computer Science and Engineering from here and mostly where I have spent the majority of life time and of course, experiencing some of my best moments of my student life

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute

2011 to 2015

Computer Technology

When I started Diploma College at Dhaka Polytechnique Institute, I was very happy, but clueless. It felt amazing that I had the opportunity to continue my diploma engineering on Computer Technology over there, I looked up for supports from every resource I could get from college, and surprisingly I made it through smoothly. I feel so grateful and honored that now I am a diploma graduate.

I am good at

My Skill

My Skill

My Professional Strengths

“The strength of a man's virtue should not be measured by his special exertions, but by his habitual acts”

My greatest strength is my ability to work effectively with many different people and also with different market place as regarding to the strong communication skills that I possess is quite enough for this job sector.

Experience — Experience with a certain software or type of task, expertise in a particular industry, a track record of working with similar products or clients, etc.

Talents — Abilities such as programming in a desired language, writing proposals, selling widgets, litigating cases, organizing events, translating from Mandarin, etc. (the possibilities here are truly endless)

Soft skills — Competencies such as problem solving, influencing, team building, negotiation, managing up, etc.

Education/training — Relevant background on topics critical to the job — including college degrees, certifications, training seminars, mentoring, internships, etc.

  • Web & Graphic Design
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • JavaScript / JQuery
  • WordPress Development
  • WooCommerce / E-Commerce



Pretty Good



My greatest strength is my ability to work effectively with many different people and also with different market place as regarding to the strong communication skills that I possess is quite enough for this job sector.

  • Web design and development
  • Multimedia design
  • Digital media development
  • Interactive computing
  • Strong creative skills
  • The ability to pay attention to detail
  • Ability to work to deadlines
  • Comfortable with a CMS
  • Cultivate a design sense
  • Right balance of tools
  • Approach every new skill
  • Good business management
My Featured Work

My Portfolio

My Portfolio
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  • 32 North Golapbug , Dhaka , Bangladesh


  • 01675716053

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